Producer-driven menu that follows the seasons...

Our menus starts with producers to deliver contemporary dishes with a traditional foundation. 
From our central Daylesford location, each road winding its way out of town offers a unique landscape and farming community. The forest-lined Trentham Road opens into pockets of family potato farms, berries and cool-climate wines; dusty roads towards Castlemaine lead us past the rich volcanic soils of Mt Franklin towards  bountiful apple and pear orchards further north; while the picturesque rolling landscape of Glenlyon and beyond offers a mix of traditional farms, organic growers, freerange ducks, orchards and wineries…

Producers we are working with currently include:
Angelica Organics | Mt Franklin Organic | Warialda | Jonai Farms | Tuki Trout Farms
 | Real Eggs | Vue Du Volcan Duck |
Farmers Larder | Daylesford Chestnuts | Basilio Bread